Wednesday, June 15, 2005

2005 Rose Festival

What a great morning, thank you to all the volunteers that skated in the Grand Floral Parade. Here's to another great "DRY" 2006!

Group With Larry The Light Bulb Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Rock And Roll! Posted by Hello

Tuesday Night Skate May 24

Wow, what a pain, all the construction on Moody directly on OUR skate route.

It was a great night, and our first WARM night of the season. Lots of water, rocks and obstacles saw us through our journey. We had to detour just after the railroad tracks on Moody, several blocks of the pavement had been torn up and replaced with nice pointing gravel.

We headed UP the hill to Macadam, only to find spider web seems, asphalt pits, and more rocks all the way up the road. It was a challenge, but once on top smooth skating on down to the Sellwood.

We crossed the Sellwood, stopped for water at the old church and then headed down the corridor to OMSI. The head winds were pretty intense at times, but we drafted one another as much as possible and just kept putting one skate out to the side and strided along.

Beautiful night, lousy pavement